And Another

We end the year as we started it...with Ray Davies and the Kinks. But this time, the advice is a little different, both on the surface and underneath. Read more about And Another

A Little Something

"Landy In My Eggnog"
Bad Lucc feat. Soopafly

No matter where you live, or what your music is, there's one thing everyone agrees on: Eggnog is best when it has a little kick. Read more about A Little Something

Winter Warmer

"Hot Buttered Rum"
Mary Chapin Carpenter

Modern bartenders use all sorts of bizarre mixers, from bacon to balsamic vinegar to bubblegum flavoring. But there are also some traditional ingredients that sound weird to modern drinkers. One of the most delicious, especially this time of year, is butter. Read more about Winter Warmer


"Cocktails For Two"
Spike Jones and His City Slickers
"Cocktails For Two"
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra

The best cover songs are those where the artist truly makes the song his own. When Spike Jones makes a song his own, the song is never quite the same again. Read more about Spiked

Medicinal Waters

"Mi gin tonic"
Andres Calamaro

Today, we think of tonic water as a mixer, something added to straight gin to improve the flavor. But originally, it was the other way around. Read more about Medicinal Waters

Oh, Boy

"The Punch Brothers"
Rye Whiskey

Two great American traditions currently undergoing a revival feature this week: bluegrass music and rye whiskey. Read more about Oh, Boy

Burnt Wine

"Øl og brennevin"

Some things are universal. Like the connection between hard liquor and country music. Read more about Burnt Wine

Greasing the Wheels

In choosing songs for this blog, it's usually a question of picking through an artist's output for a song or two about drinking. With Robin Laing, that's not a problem. Read more about Greasing the Wheels

A Little Bit Country

"Gin and Juice"
Snoop Doggy Dog
"Gin and Juice"
The Gourds

Sometimes, a simple mixed drink can be appreciated across cultures. And few are as simple as the drink Snoop Dogg made famous: gin and juice.

The principles of mixology teach us that, like any drink composed of a shot of distilled spirits mixed with a single mixer, gin and juice is considered a highball. Orange is the most traditional juice, which leaves you with something like a slightly herbal screwdriver. Others recommend pineapple or grapefruit juice, although unsweetened grapefruit juice leaves you with more of a sipping and less of a rolling beverage. Read more about A Little Bit Country

We'll Take Manhattan

Alfred Hitchcock thought a perfect martini was five parts gin and "a quick glance at a Vermouth bottle." But modern vermouth makers want you to trade in your glass of cold gin and olives for the true classic: two parts gin, one part vermouth—but not from the bottle in the back of your liquor cabinet. Read more about We'll Take Manhattan


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