Travel My Way

"Route 66"
Nat King Cole

There's more to America than you can see from a plane, and there's more to to familiar song "Route 66" than most listeners know. Read more about Travel My Way

Somewhere New

"Holiday In Spain"
Counting Crows

Airlines and travel agents have been selling travel as an escape for ages. It's why pictures of tropical islands pop up on billboards and bus shelters in the coldest months of the year. Read more about Somewhere New

Follow Through

Sometimes the distance of a journey can't be shown on a map. Read more about Follow Through

A Welcoming Light

There are many things wrong with "Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa." Geography is just one of them. Read more about A Welcoming Light

Keep On Driving

"Fast Car"
Tracy Chapman

Driving off into the sunset is the American dream. In 1988, Tracy Chapman took a critical look at what is on the other side of the sunset. Read more about Keep On Driving


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