"The Journey"
Abdullah Ibrahim

We've already looked at the European pilgrimages of the Middle Ages, and the American ones in Memphis. In the Muslim world, pilgrimage is not a historical idea, but a vital religious tradition. Read more about Pilgrimage

Glorious Days

It's easy to forget how small air travel has made the world, and how recently it changed. A hundred and fifty years ago, before the opening of the transcontinental railroad or the Panama Canal, one of the quickest ways to get from New York to California was by sea, around the treacherous point of Cape Horn. Read more about Glorious Days


"God Specializes"
The Roberta Martin Singers

The creation of the Panama Canal was a feat so impressive, a song about its builders was turned from a celebration of human achievement to a seminal gospel song about the power of God. Read more about Uncrossable

In Our Day

"Erie Canal"
Bruce Springsteen

In 1817, without mechanical digging equipment, using only manpower and teams of oxen, Americans built one of the great engineering wonders of the world. Read more about In Our Day

Covered In Zeros

"We're Better Than The Best"
The 2013 Major League Soccer All-Stars

The 2013 Major League Soccer All-Star Game is tonight. But based on their hype video, you might think it's a rerun of the 1983 NASL Soccer Bowl. Read more about Covered In Zeros


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