You Wander Around

"Ride Through The Night"
Original Cast Recording, "Subways Are For Sleeping"

For those who live in cities around the world, the subway tunnels have become as much a part of the landscape as the streets we live on. They have also become the last refuge for those with nowhere else to go. Read more about You Wander Around

I'd Go Sailing

"La Mer"
Charles Trenet
"Beyond The Sea"
Bobby Darin

Music is universal, but sometimes a translation of a beloved song from one language to another can lead you on quite a journey. Read more about I'd Go Sailing

It Goes From Here To There

"Blood On The Coal"
The Folksmen

Travel songs are such an integral part of American folk music that, when Christopher Guest and his former Spinal Tap bandmates took on the folk scene, travel songs had to be a part of it as well. Read more about It Goes From Here To There

You've Gotta Roll Down

"Low Road"
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

We've driven down the high road—but sometimes you've got to take the low road, too. Read more about You've Gotta Roll Down

Take The High Way

Aimee Mann

Everyone knows from "Loch Lomond" that there's a high road and a low road to Scotland. In this post and the next, we take a look at both. Read more about Take The High Way


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