Under Glass

"The Passenger"
Iggy Pop

The view out of a train window can be stunning, whether it's majestic mountains or just the night sky over suburban Berlin. Read more about Under Glass

Mainline Variation

"Mornington Crescent"
Belle and Sebastian

"Mornington Crescent" is a deeply felt tribute to a London landmark preserved and restored in the most frivolous way possible. Read more about Mainline Variation

Everybody Feels The Wind Blow

Paul Simon

We've already looked at the history of the Grand Tour, the eighteenth century's most exclusive pleasure trip. In "Graceland," Paul Simon invokes a still older reason to travel: the pilgrimage. Read more about Everybody Feels The Wind Blow

Carry It With You

There are endless songs about New York, Paris, London, and San Francisco. But plenty of less exalted places inspire music, as well--including Grimsby, in Lincolnshire. Read more about Carry It With You

Making Reservations

Railroad stations are the traditional background for goodbyes, especially during wartime. But not every wartime goodbye is a dreamy ballad. Read more about Making Reservations


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