Soccer Is The Game

"White Is The Colour"
The Proclaimers

The best soccer songs are created by musicians and bands that are talented artists and real fans of the game. But as the Proclaimers show, even the most passionate fans can only work with what you give them. Read more about Soccer Is The Game

Covered In Zeros

"We're Better Than The Best"
The 2013 Major League Soccer All-Stars

The 2013 Major League Soccer All-Star Game is tonight. But based on their hype video, you might think it's a rerun of the 1983 NASL Soccer Bowl. Read more about Covered In Zeros

Good, Better, Best

The name "Best" is a big one to live up to. George Best came close for a while, but like every hero, he had a tragic flaw. Read more about Good, Better, Best

Party All The Time

"House Party at Rooney's"

One of the exciting things about music today is that the technological barriers have disappeared; almost anyone can record and distribute a song in their basement. One of the most terrifying things about music today is that just about anyone who wants to can record and distribute a song about their favorite soccer team. Read more about Party All The Time

We All Like Vindaloo

Fat Les

"Vindaloo" is an iconic song, and this project wouldn't be complete without it. But really, what else is there to say about it? Read more about We All Like Vindaloo

All Together Now

Money, corruption, affairs, violence, and the endless cycle of tabloid scandals. With all that goes on in soccer today, it's easy to forget the power the game has always had to bring people together, even in the darkest times. "All Together Now" reminds us of a moment where music, soccer, and simple humanity briefly overcame the pointless, criminal waste of life that was World War I. Read more about All Together Now

Not Too Much To Ask

In some circles, "All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit" is a beloved Christmas soccer classic. Even though it's not exactly about Christmas, and it's not exactly about soccer. Read more about Not Too Much To Ask

Worth A Thousand Yards

"0-0 A.E.T."
Thousand Yard Stare

The songs we've looked at this year have used soccer as a metaphor for winning and losing; for personal triumph and tragedy. But as every fan knows, not every soccer game ends in victory or defeat. Read more about Worth A Thousand Yards

Coming Home

"Three Lions"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds
"Three Lions '98"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds

A lot of people who write soccer songs use crowd noise in the mix. Rarely do they get to use a matchday crowd singing their song. Read more about Coming Home

A Man of Many Talents

"Kickin' Balls"
Alexi Lalas

If you were picking one person to write a classic American soccer song, you could do worse than Alexi Lalas. He played at the top level; he's been an ambassador for the sport in the U.S., and he's a musician--an actual one, not just an athlete who got a record deal. He may still have a classic soccer song in him. But for now, what he's given us instead is 1994's "Kickin' Balls." Read more about A Man of Many Talents


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