All Together Now

Money, corruption, affairs, violence, and the endless cycle of tabloid scandals. With all that goes on in soccer today, it's easy to forget the power the game has always had to bring people together, even in the darkest times. "All Together Now" reminds us of a moment where music, soccer, and simple humanity briefly overcame the pointless, criminal waste of life that was World War I. Read more about All Together Now

The Official Remix

Plenty of artists are willing to take a dip in the sea of publicity that surrounds a World Cup, one of the biggest events in the world. But it's a good bet that many musicians, producers, and publicists may not have noticed that another World Cup started this weekend. So the organizers have had to make do. Read more about The Official Remix

Everyone Loves a Parade

Most of the time, we call something a soccer song because the lyrics talk about the sport. Sometimes, it's just the title (as we saw with another song from 1998). "Carnaval de Paris" is one of the few that tries to evoke the sound of a world cup in purely musical terms. Read more about Everyone Loves a Parade

Green and Pleasant Land

Fat Les

This weekend's royal wedding brought out the patriotic side of the English populace. Flags were waving, soldiers were marching. But there was one thing missing that most countries would take for granted in a patriotic display. England doesn't have a national anthem. Two soccer-themed pop supergroups are trying to change that. Read more about Green and Pleasant Land

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