John Barnes

A Little Bit Hip-Hop

"Don't Tread"
Deuce feat. Big Hawk and XO

It's always difficult to compare players who played in different eras. How would Lev Yashin would fare against modern strikers? Could Carlos Alberto thrive against the defenses Messi faces today? The game has changed so much even over the last few decades that there can never be definitive answers to these questions, making them perfect fodder for bar arguments and internet message boards.

When it comes to top-flight wingers from different eras, though, there's one thing we can know for sure: Fulham's Clint Dempsey is a better rapper than Liverpool's John Barnes. Read more about A Little Bit Hip-Hop

Rapping for Engerland

"World In Motion"
New Order

In 1990, Keith Allen, New Order, and John Barnes created a template for the soccer pop song. "World In Motion" is still considered a timeless classic in England, despite the handicap of actually being kind of a terrible song. Read more about Rapping for Engerland

The Bad and the Ugly

"Anfield Rap"
Derek B. and Liverpool F.C.
"Anfield Rap '96"
Brize-E and the Anfield Posse

There are a lot of genuinely good, catchy, enjoyable songs about soccer out there, in just about every style. But if we're really going to explore the universe of soccer songs, it's impossible to ignore the fact that there a lot of jaw-droppingly bad ones. And if you asked me to pick the worst soccer song of all time, it could well be "Anfield Rap '96." Read more about The Bad and the Ugly

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