1994 World Cup

A Man of Many Talents

"Kickin' Balls"
Alexi Lalas

If you were picking one person to write a classic American soccer song, you could do worse than Alexi Lalas. He played at the top level; he's been an ambassador for the sport in the U.S., and he's a musician--an actual one, not just an athlete who got a record deal. He may still have a classic soccer song in him. But for now, what he's given us instead is 1994's "Kickin' Balls." Read more about A Man of Many Talents

Charlton Gives It a Lash

"Jack's Heroes"
The Pogues feat. The Dubliners
"Give It A Lash Jack"
Liam Harrison and the Goal Celebrities

In honor of Ireland's official qualification for Euro 2012, we look at the Irish nation's proud musical tradition. Irish musicians over the years have sung about love; they've sung about war; and they've sung, more than you might expect, about Jack Charlton. Read more about Charlton Gives It a Lash

James James James

A pop song with a familiar tune but soccer-themed lyrics. It happens sometimes, and the results are usually awful (as we've seen with the 1998 Scotland anthem "Scotland B Good". It's more unusual when the band does the rewrite itself--but that's exactly what English alt-rockers James did in 1994 to create the England anthem that never was, "Goal Goal Goal." Read more about James James James

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