1966 World Cup

Coming Home

"Three Lions"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds
"Three Lions '98"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds

A lot of people who write soccer songs use crowd noise in the mix. Rarely do they get to use a matchday crowd singing their song. Read more about Coming Home

Charlton Gives It a Lash

"Jack's Heroes"
The Pogues feat. The Dubliners
"Give It A Lash Jack"
Liam Harrison and the Goal Celebrities

In honor of Ireland's official qualification for Euro 2012, we look at the Irish nation's proud musical tradition. Irish musicians over the years have sung about love; they've sung about war; and they've sung, more than you might expect, about Jack Charlton. Read more about Charlton Gives It a Lash

Rapping for Engerland

"World In Motion"
New Order

In 1990, Keith Allen, New Order, and John Barnes created a template for the soccer pop song. "World In Motion" is still considered a timeless classic in England, despite the handicap of actually being kind of a terrible song. Read more about Rapping for Engerland

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