Medicinal Waters

"Mi gin tonic"
Andres Calamaro

Today, we think of tonic water as a mixer, something added to straight gin to improve the flavor. But originally, it was the other way around. Read more about Medicinal Waters

A Little Bit Country

"Gin and Juice"
Snoop Doggy Dog
"Gin and Juice"
The Gourds

Sometimes, a simple mixed drink can be appreciated across cultures. And few are as simple as the drink Snoop Dogg made famous: gin and juice.

The principles of mixology teach us that, like any drink composed of a shot of distilled spirits mixed with a single mixer, gin and juice is considered a highball. Orange is the most traditional juice, which leaves you with something like a slightly herbal screwdriver. Others recommend pineapple or grapefruit juice, although unsweetened grapefruit juice leaves you with more of a sipping and less of a rolling beverage. Read more about A Little Bit Country

Starting Early

"Bloody Mary Morning"
Willie Nelson

In civilized society, drinking beer for breakfast is usually considered a sign of degeneracy, alcoholism, or both. But that may have more to do with the choice of drink than it does with the time of day. Read more about Starting Early

Like My Heart

Julie London

Literally, "Pousse-Cafe" means something like "coffee-chaser," and refers to a cocktail served at the end of the meal, after the coffee course, as a digestif. Over time, it's come to mean something more specific: a dramatic style of unmixed mixed drink, and a metaphor for heartbreak. Read more about Like My Heart

And A Smile

"Rum And Coca Cola"
The Andrews Sisters

Clash of cultures can be exciting. It can be destructive. It can be intoxicating--even if it's as simple as mixing rum with Coca-Cola. Read more about And A Smile

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