I'd Go Sailing

"La Mer"
Charles Trenet
"Beyond The Sea"
Bobby Darin

Music is universal, but sometimes a translation of a beloved song from one language to another can lead you on quite a journey. Read more about I'd Go Sailing

One for the Roses

"One Mint Julep"
The Clovers
"One Mint Julep"
Ray Charles

This Saturday will be the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby. Once a year, for the highest-profile day in American racing, fans gather with a Racing Form under their arm, a fancy hat on their head, and a mint julep in their hand. For most of them, it'll be the only julep they drink all year--but according to the Clovers' 1952 classic, even that may be too much. Read more about One for the Roses

And A Smile

"Rum And Coca Cola"
The Andrews Sisters

Clash of cultures can be exciting. It can be destructive. It can be intoxicating--even if it's as simple as mixing rum with Coca-Cola. Read more about And A Smile

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