We'll Take Manhattan

Alfred Hitchcock thought a perfect martini was five parts gin and "a quick glance at a Vermouth bottle." But modern vermouth makers want you to trade in your glass of cold gin and olives for the true classic: two parts gin, one part vermouth—but not from the bottle in the back of your liquor cabinet. Read more about We'll Take Manhattan

Winter Brew

"Ice Wine"
Lia Ices

Traditional wine-growing regions feature long, hot summers and warm, dry autumns. Long growing seasons mean grapes have time to ripen and be picked before the first frost. But while an early frost might be a disaster in Burgundy or Napa, some winemakers depend on it. Read more about Winter Brew

Soothe My Soul

"The Indigo Girls"
Cold Beer And Remote Control

Cold beer can be a very good thing, in moderation. But it's not just the beer that should be taken in moderation; it's the cold, too. Read more about Soothe My Soul


"Lilac Wine"
Eartha Kitt
"Lilac Wine"
Nina Simone
"Lilac Wine"
Elkie Brooks
"Lilac Wine"
Jeff Buckley

Passed down from singer to singer, "Lilac Wine" is now a pop standard, even while the drink it celebrates has slipped into obscurity. Read more about Nearly

Where Were You?

In the nineteenth century, the vintners who lived and worked in the area between Paris and Metz started what would be one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the history of wine. Their goal: to convince people that their unique wine was de rigeur for weddings, christenings, and every other celebration, as well as being the preferred drink of the best sort of people. Read more about Where Were You?


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