Fortified wine

We'll Take Manhattan

Alfred Hitchcock thought a perfect martini was five parts gin and "a quick glance at a Vermouth bottle." But modern vermouth makers want you to trade in your glass of cold gin and olives for the true classic: two parts gin, one part vermouth—but not from the bottle in the back of your liquor cabinet. Read more about We'll Take Manhattan

Style and Grace, Part 2

The Four Deuces
"White Port"
The Old 97's

Fine vintage port is complex, subtle, and expensive, as we learned in our last post. But port also has a lighter side with a very different reputation. Read more about Style and Grace, Part 2

Style and Grace, Part 1

"Port Wine Song"
We're About 9

It's one of the world's great wines; it's also a cocktail mixer and, sometimes, cheap high-octane booze for those who just want to get drunk. It's has inspired as many different kinds of singers as it has drinkers. In this post and the next, we look at songs inspired by port. Read more about Style and Grace, Part 1

Have Some...

"Madeira, M'dear?"
Flanders & Swann

Men have been plying women with drinks since drinks were invented. It can be charming or creepy, depending on the man, the drinks, and the circumstances. In this week's song, the man is on the creepy side, but the drink itself, like Flanders and Swann's performance, is charming. Read more about Have Some...

Such A Long Time

"Mad Dog 20/20"
Teenage Fanclub

Champagne is for celebrations; beer is for every day. Both have inspired plenty of songs. But musical immortality isn't just for the upper crust. A more modest beverage inspired today's entry. Read more about Such A Long Time

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