Not Me

Plenty of bands sing about getting drunk. But for the most part, they try to make the songs, or at least the instrumental parts, sound at least functionally sober. Read more about Not Me

Too Far Away For Me

Some drink to forget lost love. Some drink to avoid regret. For Ceann, it doesn't take anything so dramatic. Just Pittsburgh. Read more about Too Far Away For Me

Drinking To Life

"A Drinking Song"
The Divine Comedy

Plenty of songs are about people who drink to escape misfortune. Surprisingly few are about drinking just because it's fun. Read more about Drinking To Life

Like You Mean It

Alcohol can act as a social lubricant. Sometimes that means helping strangers get to know each other. Sometimes it means helping friends get to know each other better. Or at least that's what the narrator of this song hopes. Read more about Like You Mean It

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