A Little Something

"Landy In My Eggnog"
Bad Lucc feat. Soopafly

No matter where you live, or what your music is, there's one thing everyone agrees on: Eggnog is best when it has a little kick. Read more about A Little Something

Winter Warmer

"Hot Buttered Rum"
Mary Chapin Carpenter

Modern bartenders use all sorts of bizarre mixers, from bacon to balsamic vinegar to bubblegum flavoring. But there are also some traditional ingredients that sound weird to modern drinkers. One of the most delicious, especially this time of year, is butter. Read more about Winter Warmer

Oh, Boy

"The Punch Brothers"
Rye Whiskey

Two great American traditions currently undergoing a revival feature this week: bluegrass music and rye whiskey. Read more about Oh, Boy

Greasing the Wheels

In choosing songs for this blog, it's usually a question of picking through an artist's output for a song or two about drinking. With Robin Laing, that's not a problem. Read more about Greasing the Wheels

Don't Ask Why

"Alabama Song"
Lotte Lenya
"Alabama Song"
The Doors
"Alabama Song"
David Bowie

From Weimar Germany to 1960s counterculture to 1980s art-rock, nothing brings together musical icons like whiskey, and the moon over Alabama. Read more about Don't Ask Why


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