Anti-soccer songs

Breathe In Deep

"The Sporting Life"
The Decemberists

In the United States, professional soccer is nowhere near the major American sports in revenue or mainstream attention. But it is, and has been for a while, the most popular sport actually played by young people in the United States. And so it's probably not surprising that one of the best soccer songs to come out of the United States is about a YMCA youth league. Read more about Breathe In Deep

A Gentleman's Game

"Eat My Goal"
Collapsed Lung
"Mr. B's World Cup Song"
Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer

This week, two songs with more in common than you might realize. "Eat My Goal" is a high-energy, stream-of-consciousness piece of pop-hop braggadocio that was packed, commercialized and overexposed as an officially sponsored anthem for Euro '96. "Mr. B's World Cup Song" is a dignified, bowler-hatted rejection of modern soccer culture and modernity in general. But both reflect the particular talents of one man: English hip-hop artist Jim Burke, or as he is now better known, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer. Read more about A Gentleman's Game

Stadium Hits of the 1880s

"Football Crazy"
Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor

If I ask what comes to mind when I say "soccer songs," you may think of bomabastic official team anthems, or terrace songs shouted by supporters at games, or Top 40 World Cup tie-ins. But ask English fans of a certain age about "football songs" and they might also think of this novelty dialect song, the surprisingly enduring "Football Crazy," or as it's sometimes written, "Fitba' Crazy." Read more about Stadium Hits of the 1880s

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