Some Place To Be

"Our Lady Of The Highways"
John Wesley Harding feat. Steve Earle

In a country the size of the United States, the long-distance road trip is a necessity, a tradition and a beloved tradition. But it comes with a cost, and part of that cost are the 30,000 lives lost every year in road accidents. Some are marked on the side of America's roads, with anything from simple crosses to the elaborate display that inspired this week's song. Read more about Some Place To Be

Oh, Boy

"The Punch Brothers"
Rye Whiskey

Two great American traditions currently undergoing a revival feature this week: bluegrass music and rye whiskey. Read more about Oh, Boy

A Little Bit Country

"Gin and Juice"
Snoop Doggy Dog
"Gin and Juice"
The Gourds

Sometimes, a simple mixed drink can be appreciated across cultures. And few are as simple as the drink Snoop Dogg made famous: gin and juice.

The principles of mixology teach us that, like any drink composed of a shot of distilled spirits mixed with a single mixer, gin and juice is considered a highball. Orange is the most traditional juice, which leaves you with something like a slightly herbal screwdriver. Others recommend pineapple or grapefruit juice, although unsweetened grapefruit juice leaves you with more of a sipping and less of a rolling beverage. Read more about A Little Bit Country

The Rare Old Mountain Dew

"Mountain Dew"
The Pogues with The Dubliners
"Mountain Dew"
Grandpa Jones

White lightning isn't the only homemade tipple that's inspired musicians over the years. Before the NASCAR set started running lightning, mountain dew was inspiring songs on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more about The Rare Old Mountain Dew

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