"The Journey"
Abdullah Ibrahim

We've already looked at the European pilgrimages of the Middle Ages, and the American ones in Memphis. In the Muslim world, pilgrimage is not a historical idea, but a vital religious tradition. Read more about Pilgrimage

Dance Down the Aisle

"National Express"
The Divine Comedy
"Europe By Train"
The Divine Comedy

Sometimes how you get there matters as much as where you're going. The Divine Comedy demonstrate this with two songs about European travel. Read more about Dance Down the Aisle

Good, Occasionally Poor

"Sailing By"
Robert Binge

Now that we've explored soccer songs in 2011 and drinking songs in 2012, it's time for a change here at So in 2013, we'll be broadening our minds with 53 songs about faraway places and how we get there. Of course, we'll still post the occasional soccer or drinking song as we have time as well. Read more about Good, Occasionally Poor

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