Soothe My Soul

"The Indigo Girls"
Cold Beer And Remote Control

Cold beer can be a very good thing, in moderation. But it's not just the beer that should be taken in moderation; it's the cold, too. Read more about Soothe My Soul

You Can Really Taste The Hops

"C.A.M.R.A. Man"
Half Man Half Biscuit
"Hibbett's Golden Rules of Beer"
MJ Hibbett & the Validators

Sports. Movies. Hobbies. Almost any human endeavor with fans also has a few superfans, people who take it a little too seriously. Drinking is no exception. Read more about You Can Really Taste The Hops

Beautiful Body

For years, the health benefits of beer were taken for granted. Then they became a joke--but only for a while. Read more about Beautiful Body

Social Drinking

"I Drink Alone"
George Thorogood and the Destroyers

If the Divine Comedy extolled the virtues of social drinking, George Thorogood presents a counterpoint with this hymn to his silent drinking partners. Read more about Social Drinking

Medicinal Purposes, Part 2

"Restorative Beer"
The Fiery Furnaces

People have been self-medicating (and medicating others) with alcohol for centuries. This long tradition is supported both by recent medical research and by Brooklyn indie-rockers The Fiery Furnaces. Read more about Medicinal Purposes, Part 2


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