1998 World Cup

Coming Home

"Three Lions"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds
"Three Lions '98"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds

A lot of people who write soccer songs use crowd noise in the mix. Rarely do they get to use a matchday crowd singing their song. Read more about Coming Home

Goofus and Gallant, Part 2

"The Footie Song"
Adam and Joe
"The Footie Song (World Cup edition)"
Adam and Joe

Last time, we saw how a pair of musical comedians could make a soccer song that is neither musical nor funny. But it doesn't have to be that way. "The Footie Song" is a good football song, even though--and probably because--it wasn't trying to be. Read more about Goofus and Gallant, Part 2

The Cup of Life

"La Copa de la Vida"
Ricky Martin

In 1924, Uruguay won the Olympic gold medal in the first major international soccer tournament to feature Latin American entrants. Since then, Latin America has been a force to be reckoned with in world soccer. But Latin American soccer culture can only penetrate so far into English football culture. Read more about The Cup of Life

Everyone Loves a Parade

Most of the time, we call something a soccer song because the lyrics talk about the sport. Sometimes, it's just the title (as we saw with another song from 1998). "Carnaval de Paris" is one of the few that tries to evoke the sound of a world cup in purely musical terms. Read more about Everyone Loves a Parade

Once On This Island

"Rise Up"
Jamaica United

The Jamaica national soccer team is nicknamed The Reggae Boyz, after one of the island nation's most influential exports. When the team needed an official song for the 1998 World Cup, what kind of song to record was an easy choice. The tough part was picking who to record it. Read more about Once On This Island


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