Anti-alcohol songs

And Another

We end the year as we started it...with Ray Davies and the Kinks. But this time, the advice is a little different, both on the surface and underneath. Read more about And Another

Sit and Think

"I Drink"
Mary Gauthier

Rock songs tend to focus on the pleasures of the bottle. Country songs are more likely to deal with the less pleasant consequences. Read more about Sit and Think

Replacement to the Rum

"Look What I Found In My Beer"
The Beautiful South

For some, alcohol is an escape. For others, it's something to be escaped from. That goes for rock stars just like it does for everyone else. Read more about Replacement to the Rum

The Title Says It All

The Kinks

Over the next year, we're going to be looking at songs about beer, whiskey, champagne and gin. But the first song of the year doesn't make any such distinctions. Read more about The Title Says It All

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