Keep On Driving

"Fast Car"
Tracy Chapman

Driving off into the sunset is the American dream. In 1988, Tracy Chapman took a critical look at what is on the other side of the sunset. Read more about Keep On Driving

Onward and On

For a commuter, an announcement that the next train will be taking no passengers is usually just an annoyance. As described by Augie March, it's a little bit more apocalyptic. Read more about Onward and On

Take The High Way

Aimee Mann

Everyone knows from "Loch Lomond" that there's a high road and a low road to Scotland. In this post and the next, we take a look at both. Read more about Take The High Way

I Don't Belong

"Run Rumspringa"
Alex Winston

Youthful rebellion is popular in every culture, and in every kind of music, even where rock music isn't welcome. Read more about I Don't Belong


When the northern hemisphere thinks of Australia, we think of desert, heat, and dust, and a flat horizon stretching out in the distance. Snow-covered mountains are rarely part of the picture. Read more about Indivisible


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