Party All The Time

"House Party at Rooney's"

One of the exciting things about music today is that the technological barriers have disappeared; almost anyone can record and distribute a song in their basement. One of the most terrifying things about music today is that just about anyone who wants to can record and distribute a song about their favorite soccer team. Read more about Party All The Time

We All Like Vindaloo

Fat Les

"Vindaloo" is an iconic song, and this project wouldn't be complete without it. But really, what else is there to say about it? Read more about We All Like Vindaloo

Coming Home

"Three Lions"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds
"Three Lions '98"
Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds

A lot of people who write soccer songs use crowd noise in the mix. Rarely do they get to use a matchday crowd singing their song. Read more about Coming Home

Too Slow

"Hurry Up England"
Motty's Sheepskin
"Hurry Up England"
Sham 69 & The Special Assembley

As we saw with Scotland's 1998 ballad-anthem Don't Come Home Too Soon, the British public is suspicious of official team songs that are slow or reflective. And as we also saw with Scotland, the reaction in the other direction can be extreme. Read more about Too Slow

Rapping for Engerland

"World In Motion"
New Order

In 1990, Keith Allen, New Order, and John Barnes created a template for the soccer pop song. "World In Motion" is still considered a timeless classic in England, despite the handicap of actually being kind of a terrible song. Read more about Rapping for Engerland


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