Keith Allen

Rapping for Engerland

"World In Motion"
New Order

In 1990, Keith Allen, New Order, and John Barnes created a template for the soccer pop song. "World In Motion" is still considered a timeless classic in England, despite the handicap of actually being kind of a terrible song. Read more about Rapping for Engerland

Green and Pleasant Land

Fat Les

This weekend's royal wedding brought out the patriotic side of the English populace. Flags were waving, soldiers were marching. But there was one thing missing that most countries would take for granted in a patriotic display. England doesn't have a national anthem. Two soccer-themed pop supergroups are trying to change that. Read more about Green and Pleasant Land

1996's Other Anthem

"England's Irie"
Black Grape feat. Joe Strummer and Keith Allen

Even if it hadn't caught on, England's Irie would have been noteworthy as one of the few recordings Joe Strummer made between the Clash's last album (Cut the Crap) in 1985 and the first Mescaleros album, Rock Art and the X-Ray Style, in 1999. Luckily, the song was popular enough in its own right to survive as a low-key but memorable alternative to England's official Euro '96 anthem, The Lightning Seeds' "Three Lions." Read more about 1996's Other Anthem

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