Terrace songs

We All Like Vindaloo

Fat Les

"Vindaloo" is an iconic song, and this project wouldn't be complete without it. But really, what else is there to say about it? Read more about We All Like Vindaloo

Everyone Loves a Parade

Most of the time, we call something a soccer song because the lyrics talk about the sport. Sometimes, it's just the title (as we saw with another song from 1998). "Carnaval de Paris" is one of the few that tries to evoke the sound of a world cup in purely musical terms. Read more about Everyone Loves a Parade

It Must Be The Shoes

The Bouncing Souls
"Here We Go"
The Bouncing Souls

They may be named after Doc Martens' famous slogan, but one of the Bouncing Souls' best known songs is about another kind of boot. Read more about It Must Be The Shoes

A Techno Track Hits the Terraces

"I Like It Loud"
Marc Acardapine Presents Marshall Masters feat. The Ultimate MC
"Maria (I Like It Loud)"
Scooter versus Marc Acardipane and Dick Rules

With the Major League Soccer season starting in just over two weeks, I wanted to take a moment to trace the history of a song that has evolved over the years from hip-hop classic to European techno to a new Philadelphia soccer tradition. Read more about A Techno Track Hits the Terraces

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