Medicinal Waters

"Mi gin tonic"
Andres Calamaro

Today, we think of tonic water as a mixer, something added to straight gin to improve the flavor. But originally, it was the other way around. Read more about Medicinal Waters

The Cup of Life

"La Copa de la Vida"
Ricky Martin

In 1924, Uruguay won the Olympic gold medal in the first major international soccer tournament to feature Latin American entrants. Since then, Latin America has been a force to be reckoned with in world soccer. But Latin American soccer culture can only penetrate so far into English football culture. Read more about The Cup of Life

England Wins, Kirstie Loses

"England 2, Colombia 0"
Kirsty MacColl

Not every soccer song is just about soccer. The passion, excitement and emotion created by sports make it the perfect subject for song. They also make it the perfect metaphor for the other things in life that create passion, excitement and emotion, from the thrill of love to the agony of loss. In this week's song, Kirsty MacColl explores both. Read more about England Wins, Kirstie Loses

MLS Anthems, Part 1

"Houston Dynamo (Don't Play)"
Mike Jones
"We Run This"
"It's Your Crew"
"Chivas Explosivas"

In 2007, Major League Soccer began its twelfth season amid unprecedented excitement and media attention. Much of this was due to the arrival of David Beckham at the Los Angeles Galaxy, but the league also saw a number of other stars sign as Designated Players under the new "Beckham Rule," including Cuauhtémoc Blanco in Chicago, Juan Pablo Ángel in New York, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto in Columbus. There were also some less noticed newcomers to the league in 2007 -- newcomers like Bad Brains, Akwid, and the Barenaked Ladies. Read more about MLS Anthems, Part 1

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