Art rock


"Bitters End"
Roxy Music

A good album, like a good meal, is a blend of many elements, from the sweet to the bitter. Read more about Bizarre

Don't Ask Why

"Alabama Song"
Lotte Lenya
"Alabama Song"
The Doors
"Alabama Song"
David Bowie

From Weimar Germany to 1960s counterculture to 1980s art-rock, nothing brings together musical icons like whiskey, and the moon over Alabama. Read more about Don't Ask Why

Breathe In Deep

"The Sporting Life"
The Decemberists

In the United States, professional soccer is nowhere near the major American sports in revenue or mainstream attention. But it is, and has been for a while, the most popular sport actually played by young people in the United States. And so it's probably not surprising that one of the best soccer songs to come out of the United States is about a YMCA youth league. Read more about Breathe In Deep


This week's entry will be a short one, because there's only so much you can say about a song with no tune, no lyrics, and not terribly much in the way of music, traditionally speaking. But with a name like "We Support Iran In Their Bid To Win The 1998 World Cup," it was bound to find a place in a project like this one. Read more about Underdogs

Who is Sparta?

We've seen songs from bands that love soccer. We've seen songs from the anti-soccer perspective. We've even seen one artist who's written one of each. "Sparta F.C.", on the other hand, is a soccer song that may not be about soccer at all. Read more about Who is Sparta?

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