The Champs

One of the most famous drinking songs of all time was recorded as an afterthought by a band that didn't actually exist. Read more about Tequila!

Everyone Loves a Parade

Most of the time, we call something a soccer song because the lyrics talk about the sport. Sometimes, it's just the title (as we saw with another song from 1998). "Carnaval de Paris" is one of the few that tries to evoke the sound of a world cup in purely musical terms. Read more about Everyone Loves a Parade

Green and Pleasant Land

Fat Les

This weekend's royal wedding brought out the patriotic side of the English populace. Flags were waving, soldiers were marching. But there was one thing missing that most countries would take for granted in a patriotic display. England doesn't have a national anthem. Two soccer-themed pop supergroups are trying to change that. Read more about Green and Pleasant Land


This week's entry will be a short one, because there's only so much you can say about a song with no tune, no lyrics, and not terribly much in the way of music, traditionally speaking. But with a name like "We Support Iran In Their Bid To Win The 1998 World Cup," it was bound to find a place in a project like this one. Read more about Underdogs

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